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Maths-Rules ruler (RRP $6.00) and Graph ruler (RRP $6.00)

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A4 sized mathematics & geometry template.

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Geo-Pro is our NEW, A4 sized maths / geometry template, packed with features for drawing bigger and better diagrams. A full 360 degrees protractor, circles, ellipses, regular polygons , rulers, number line, map scale,  circle maker (for drawing circles over 20 cm in diameter!),  graphs and more!

A set of 3 cm side length regular polygons makes 3D polyhedra construction a breeze!

Larger shapes in general make postage stamp diagrams a thing of the past.

PLUS, Geo-Pro comes with a 72 page book packed with activities and design ideas, geometry reference data (area and volume formulas, trigonometry unit circle diagrams etc.).

RRP (Geo-Pro + Book): $30 AUD.

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The Maths-Pro range of rulers and templates are brought to you by Geoff Phillips Publications and are designed by Australian Maths author and teacher, Geoff Phillips.

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