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Maths-Pro Polyhedra stencil

Click here for a pictorial guide to model making.


Create nets and polyhedra with ease using the new Maths-Pro Polyhedra stencil, designed by Australian Mathematics author Geoff Phillips.

Features of the Maths-Pro Polyhedra stencil include:

Large 3 cm side length regular polygons.
Includes a complete decagon

4 page User Guide with instructions for 18 models

Convenient size
(220 mm x 170 mm), easy to manipulate.
Clips into 2 and 4 ring binders.

Tabs for joining sides (narrow / wide, straight / curved)
We recommend placing tabs on all net edges (which allows “double tabbing” when joining sides).

Centimetre grid overlay aids alignment when drawing.
Supported by our website containing
links to more polyhedra sites and resources.

Maths-Pro Polyhedra stencil is competitively priced at rrp: $12.00 (Price includes GST)