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More Geometry websites and programs

More Geometry websites and programs


Vast collection of interesting geometry theorems and problems.


Brilliant 3D polyhedra visualisation/animation and nets program.

Paper polyhedra

An amazing collection of hundreds of polyhedra nets and photos.


Fantastic free dynamic geometry - highly recommended.


Powerful and comprehensive polyhedra program. Recommended.

Tangrams online

Drag a tan to translate, move a corner to rotate. Pieces snap into place to form pictures

Pastel coloured nets (pdf files) of 18 polyhedra.

Penrose rhombi

"Bob" program generates rhombic penrose tilings.


Online applet for 18 polyhedra - net and 3D views.

Plethora of Polys

Newer version of above applet. Many more options, including net printing.

Dissection puzzles

Online tangram (and other dissection puzzles) applet

Tyler applet

Tessellation and tiling applet. Click the "Tyler applet" link in the first paragraph to run applet. Click here for instructions (keyboard commands) pdf file.

Foto THF

Tri-Hexa-Flexgon (THF) program which puts 3 images on a THF. Click the webpage "" link to download program (no intallation required).

Koch snowflake

Generates up to a level 8 Koch snowflake based on a regular polygon of choice.

Optical Illusions

Michael Bach's excellent optical illusions, many animated effects.

See also Geoff's gallery of optical illusion images.

Impossible figures

Comprehensive library of impossible shapes organised by Vlad Alexeev.

See also Geoff's gallery of impossible objects.

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