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Features of Maths-Pro include:                        Maths-Pro User Guide

New protractor design.
Students can now construct angles up to 360° more easily as they are not restricted to marking tiny dots in narrow cut-out sections. The protractor can also be easily used to draw large circles of diameter 10 cm or 8 cm.

Tessellating shapes
of 1 cm side length. Investigate "paving patterns".

Number line which can be used vertically or horizontally to aid understanding of directed numbers.

Range of circles, ellipses and other shapes of convenient dimensions.
Draw 3D prisms and spheres.

Guides for construction of parallel and perpendicular segments.

Supported by our website containing numerous geometry worksheets and lesson ideas which may be downloaded free of charge. Additional resources available to booklisting schools.

Convenient size, easy to manipulate. Dimensions: 100 x 260 mm.

Recommended retail price: $11.00 AUD